Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring garden burn baby burn

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Garden-Burn baby burn

The First picture was taken in Austin at an organic garden center-this is sort of the goal we want with ours someday-Used cattle panels that made up the beds

Second picture: Tom burning the Grass -He's new toy-It wont die! Also killed some fire ants boo hooAfter burning laying down cardboard to keep from coming back-Had it laying there before we burned it for months and it just turned yellow as you can see in some parts of pic ! It wouldnt die!Laying down mulch over the cardboard I dare you to show your face grass! Feed bags inside to put soil in it next weekend-also finish putting mulch on it later

Yah I know it seems to the extreme but this is going to be our third attempt to plant a garden at our place. Each time it gets covered over with the grass we thought too big. At least the soil is really good if you have seen some of my old pictures from my website we have laid down in the past soil so its there.

The farmers who were here before pretty much sucked up anything good in the soil, they used it up pretty badily. I have also put down tons of rabbit manure around the field the last three years. We decided we kept thinking too big so we are going to start with this one first and next fall we will do another on the left hand side of it and so on.

I am starting small pots with seeds to see if any of our old seeds will work if not then at least i would have tried and we will buy some starter plants and learn from our mistake on buying old seeds hahaha.

So far in other garden near my dads house he has water melon planted for my son, 3 orange bell peppers, 4 tomotoe plants including one cherry and many onions. I also have 4 strawberry plants and I am despertly looking for more before it goes out of season.
We had 2 1/2 inches of rain the other day yah!!!!! Us!!!!!!!
Well tomorrow is egg/milk run I am also picking up some beef from a local rancher. A local rancher that used to be my principal hehe-small world eh