Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Companion gardening

So in our pursuit of raising a garden this year I am trying a hand of "Companion gardening" which is not a new thing but its new to me. With Companon gardening you plant things together that will benefit each other.

Above second picture you can see my rose plants that I planted last year and this year some more. In between I planted onions and chives and in the pots on each corner I hope to grow more chives in those too. They help keep the bugs away from my roses and help prevent the dreaded black spots.

On the other plot up top I have with roses I planted in the middle some tomotoes and onions in between the roses. I am not sure what I will be planting in the middle of it yet, time will tell and I need to get some more nice soil for it.

All this information I got from an author named Louise Riotte who lives in Oklahoma which as you know the climate is pretty close to Texas :) her book the one I have is called "Carrtos love tomotoes" I love this book and I am reading it every chance I can get.
Is it going to work? Who knows I can only pray that it will. I hated the wasted space between my roses I felt guilty planting stuff I couldnt eat....well...I guess you could eat roses in salad some people do that but...anyways....I am happy with the results so far.
We plan to do the bigger plot like this too companion garden so they can benefit each other.
I will update pictures as they grow ....or if they grow :)