Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Garden

First of all I am no garden expert so look else where if you want your garden to grow :)
This year was my first attempt to grow veggies I kept an update on my other blog but found out it was too confusing so I wanted to have it separated.


I am not planting okra near any other veggies its prickly and hurts while trying to get to the other veggies.

Did not like the Simpson lettuce it did not taste good, it did grow well but not very big.

Did not like the romo's tomotoes

Greenbeans bloomed but then nothing not sure what happened

Had a lot of trouble with peel bugs

Marigolds took a long time to grown

Pototoes didnt grown not sure what had happened

Dont like bush beans they didnt get very big


Loved the carrots

Loved the radishes

Loved the whole tomotoes just wished they would have grown more

Love square foot gardening still

Onions did ok too