Sunday, August 29, 2010

Garden has been pretty good this year. It rained a lot so we got our garden in later then we hoped. We did get lots of cucumbers which we canned into pickels a relishes & a lot of them that got too big we used for feed for the chickens which they just loved.
Our pear tree produced twice as much as it did last year. I think we made at least 9 large quart jars of pears. They didnt come out as sweet as we would have liked but I think they will be good to eat. Last year we only got one basket full of pears from two trees, this year two, hopefully next year 4!
It got so hot and I had to be at the hospital a lot with my father that the garden got away from me. Now we have the hard task of pulling up all the weeds and starting over again for our winter garden.
Hopefully it will cool off some so we can go out to the garden more often.