Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garden update for June 2009

My tomatoes I have been picking at least 2-5 a day

Everything is starting to pop up, lime a beans, lettuce, green beans, squashes etc.. This is our nifty water system too it works great its made with pvc pipes

Green beans and lettuce are doing good. The green beans are climbing fast and are already shading the lettuce

My tomatoes are doing great!

Ok so I think I have caught up on my picture taking of my garden for now.

Another Garden Update

This is my son above being creative on holding down the bags so we could put mulch on it I thought it was funny. This is another raised bed we are doing we use used feed bags.

Lettuce from last year that started to grow, not bad at all.

My tomatoes are starting to grow by the time we get back from Disney World we should have a few.

This has taken me a while to post this sorry so the dates on it are not that accurate for the days posted. This is the start of our new garden this year. We got an attachment to our tractor so it was easy to pull and move the dirt.
This is mixed up with compost from our sheep plus three years of turkey manure from our Pasture Poultry mobile.