Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How does your garden grow

Thur May 8 2008

Yes that is chicken wire around my garden and its not even put up right just drapped around my garden. The dog got in one day and tore up two of my tomotoe plants and some onions. The really big green stuff is green beans growing it seems to be doing the best. I've had to spray it recently with a mixture of water, hot sauce and starch to keep the peel bugs away.

So far its been working but its only been a day/night and I didnt see any on them this afternoon. Time will tell, everything else is growing really nice and I got tomotoes growing already in my bush near my roses I am so excited. Our fruit trees have some apples, plums and aproicots growing too.

My chicks are doing really good they are sort of skitish when I get near them they scare really easily. So far I havent seen any dead chicks and the temp is keeping ok, I opened up the side window to it to let some air in.

I went to go pick up my local veggies today in Castroville and found out they will be having a farmers market once a month in Castroville it got me thinking about selling eggs someday there when the chicks are grown. Its only once a month but that is enough time for me. Maybe if I get my garden going more I can sell some of that along with honey and pecans too. Right now I have all the cutomers I can handle for all the stuff we have on our farm.

Speaking of honey I bought some locally in San Antonio the other day just to compare and have some in stock, boy was it light, in fact it was too light. It didn't have much taste it was like it was strained or something I didnt really like it. I won't buy from there again. I am sure everyone else loves it from the group but if you have had some of our honey or even the honey from the old man in Devine that sells it you would see the difference.

Honey season is coming up in August. I have to remember to save some of the cone for my highschool friend Leah. She asked me last year and I completly forgot, hopefully I will remember this year. I need more jars! I saw some at the thrift shop Hospice the other day for 25 cents each I am not sure if that is a good price or not I need to compare.

Well thats about it for today I need to go do chores and close up my dads pecan house for the night. He should be back in June he said. Our income tax check rebate thingie came in today so I sent him $300 since we claim him in our taxes.

The lady at the tax office said it was better to let us claim him then give him some money so that we we can get the tax credit on our income tax. It worked out really good. Dad said he is going to use the money to make it back home from California. He said he was hoping the gas will go down but I told him not to count on it. He was going to wait till July but I think he wants to come back sooner.

Got to do chores