Saturday, May 22, 2010


Good picture of one of their compost

Great Hydroponic system at the Helotes Center.

Today we traveled to the Helotes Nature Center

It was a good class lots of information and we made some good contacts, best of all it was free. We have been thinking of building a hydroponics are self. Hubby has tons of information on it already its just the doing and having the time to do this is the problem.

They will be having tons of classes on permaculture & other classes. I recommend if y'all have the time you should take one.

Later that day at the Tractor supply store on the way home we saw these lil tomato plants for 50cents. What a great deal but we knew it wouldnt grow well so late in the season in the dirt but we thought wow if we had a hydroponic system running it would have fit there so well.

We talked a lot about our rain system we wanted to put up today as we drove into SA mainly because hubbie had his ITUNEs playing with a segment of "Rain water systems" we even looked and priced some of the containers at the Tractor supply store. If we wanted to go a cheaper route there R tons of them for sale on the craigslisting all the time. $99 for 275 gal water totes is not so bad.

Lot of gardening dreaming today :) good day.