Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gardening update May 2010

This is our future garden some day right now its where we put our seasonal turkeys and sheep. Its right near the garden so all we have to do is take down the fence when we R ready to add more to R garden.

This is a side view of our garden. You can see a bit of where the sheep R grazing. Right now they R putting a lot of much needed manure down.

These R my berries they R about ready to eat, I have three more but this the biggest. I know, I know I have to weed out the grass around them.

My tomatos R doing really good. I have Picked and ate some cherry ones already yummy. My onions R growing right between them R doing really good too. Chickens snuck in and ate my lettuce seeds so I have to start all over again.

The start of our garden this year has gotten started late becuz of the rains. Its all ready to be planted now. This one up top is our newest addition to the garden this year. This picture above is a new section we planted this year.

Another view of the garden ready to be planted. We worked really hard to finish it up this Saturday. Suppose to get some rain this weekend so not sure if we should plant or not waiting on the weather to tell us