Friday, June 4, 2010

Ok so we picked up these 450 plus bricks from someone on the craigslist the other day for $50 we priced it and it would have cost us $220 to buy it at store brand new so we made out like a bandit :)

Ok above picture is not mine I borrowed it from www.myedibleyard.blogspot hope they don't mind me borrowing it. This is sort of what we want to do with the bricks. Its called a "spiral herb garden" Hubby showed it to me and said he would build me two, one for my herbs the other for my strawberrys if I could find the bricks cheap. You should have seen me afterwards checking the craigslist morning, noon and night lol.

When you find a good deal on craigslist the thing is you have to be fast on contacting them and done your research on the actual cost of an item. I was lucky on this one, I was the second caller. The lady Melissa said a guy called said he would have to see if it matched his house and will get back to her..duh! that time I called told her if she had it still I would take it...please hold for me...I told her what I wanted to do with it to be friendly. Asked her when she wanted it picked up, she said today or 2morrow I told her I would be there 2morrow..done deal...Most people want to get rid of the stuff fast.

Once in order to get some bricks I gave the guy some fresh farm eggs lol sometimes a lil bartering does it.

Just to let y'all know if your in the San Antonio Texas might want to check out the City wide garage sale this Saturday 8am-4pm..going to be a great sale.